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Architecture and the Corona Virus.

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

This article from The New Yorker has some interesting ideas about creating future layouts for homes and offices. It would be my feeling and hope that buildings won't need to be altered so drastically, but at the same time greater thought will be put into layouts to accommodate a more remote working ethic, as now we have learned on our feet that is not just possible- it can work very well. This has alleviated long commutes for workers, office space and the very square footage previously required for workers in city centre offices. We surely will never go back to the way it was before. I am hoping by choice; not for health and safety reasons.

Also the article speaks about new considerations in home layouts - more room for desks / more separation between bedrooms and more soundproofing with the intention that habitants may be working / taking zoom calls from bedrooms.

Also more emphasis on outdoor space in living quarters. For a future we never envisaged where we had to "shelter in place". It seems there is a lot of fear under the surface that this experience may happen again and that is why people want to think differently about the design of homes, offices and all shared spaces.

The New Yorker - COVID Reshaping Architecture


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