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Taking You from Anxiety to Serenity with 3D Visualization for your project

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

The Wellness Retreat Ice House River Spa

Above is a 3D visualisation for a SPA treatment room

Commercial Interior Design needs to please both the clients and the end users of the space in question- but ultimately if it does not please the end users you will have failed in your brief.

This is as true in the West of Ireland as it would be anywhere in the world. Sometimes people feel like their project is too small scale for design services- but you can avail of a consultancy package to suit your budget and gain all the same knowledge and input that way. I offer this service so please don’t hesitate to make contact and book a discovery video call with me where we can discuss your needs.

One of the things that can be a challenge when working on a commercial project is that your client is ultimately creating a space which is not for his or her own private use; It is for other people to use . The problem tends to be that the client wants you to create a space that they like ( but often they don't know what exactly they would like ) but your task is to create a space that suits the needs of the end user / enhances a hotel or office / evokes a certain atmosphere.

I've often found that clients can feel like the whole process of Interior design can put them in a vulnerable position because in the end, they are paying for everything and they have to go on a journey into the unknown with you, and of course you are going to be showing them finishings and furnishings they have never seen before so therefore never considered using.

When the client can experience an idea or a room scheme by seeing a realistic 3D render of it - they often start to warm up to what you are suggesting and the "why" of the overall scheme. See examples of my 3d Renders versus the final outcome above and below in this Hotel SPA Design Project.

When i embark on a commercial project - i will do a lot of research. I will visit all the big competitors nationwide and discover what is working for them / where they are falling down. Then I come back to my clients with my findings and we decide a more concrete direction forward based on the existing market internationally, trend research and future client needs and desires.

I then devise an empathic design to give an immersive sensory experience to your client. I will look closely at every companies brand DNA and ask myself - what is this company saying or trying to say ? Are they achieving this currently? Who is the target market and what do they want to do in this place? Who is spending money here and why? This is the how i can bring the right atmosphere to your cafe for example.

The client needs to come on a journey with me through the research i present based on other brands in the marketplace and international trends and market insights; and when they can see things working visually in this research - its usually a confidence building exercise to see what we could create in the space.

After the initial research i will take some time to think about the design proposal and then present my clients with some 3D rendered realistic images to show them what their premises could look like. This has become so important in the process; as you can say words to someone all day long about what you want to do - but when you can show them what it will be like; in a realistic image there is nothing left to imagine and it takes the anxiety of the unknown out of the equation for you and the client.

The finished treatment Chill SPA couples treatment room below. The level of accuracy I can achieve helps construction workers and clients alike to understand the design plan and vision.

The Ice House Hotel ChillSPA


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